How to check-out  - In case you need some translation...

If you click on the cart icon on the upper right corner,

you can see what's in your cart.

Click on the Check Cart button

at the bottom to proceed to check out.

Check your cart,

enter if you have promo code,

click on the

"calculate shipping fee"if you'd like to know the shipping fee first.

If everything looks good, click on

"Check Out"button.

*see note 

Enter all the necessary information.

When you are done, click on Next

*For Prefecture translation,

see this website :

Delivery method- *Price will be

depending on the weight and the

quantity of products you buy.

It varies from $13~25

Choose your payment option.

Enter all the necessary information.

Enter Billing Address at the bottom. 

Click Next when you are done.

Yay! It's the last page!

Check your order one more time, agree (or disagree) to the terms & conditions, store policy and privacy policy and 

click "BUY". 

You are all done!

Don't worry if you made a mistake after you placed an order..

just email us at

as soon as possible to correct any information.

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